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AR Hunters is THE Rally Point for the “Modern Sporting Rifle” and its wildly broad variety of uses in the field as a Hunting or Big Game Rifle.  A new age of family traditions has been born and the 21st Century is about to see a whole new generation of fine fieldcraft, woodsmen & women, and modern hunters.  It is our goal to educate all visitors to the wide open possibilities of the AR platform as a Hunting & Big Game Rifle.

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AR Hunters is pleased to be a participant in ushering in the 21st Century Wild Game Hunter and building a Rally Point all can enjoy while educating and sharing what we know about all that can be done on the AR Platform.  Soak it up, enjoy, or share.  The AR Platforms truly are a modern force to be reckoned with as one of the most versatile platforms on the traditional hunting grounds.

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We asked a Leading Expert, Internationally recognized Scholar, Author, Soldier, and Speaker LTC David Grossman; if he would write an introduction as to why Hunting is such an important skill to pass on and a tradition we can’t afford to loose.  AR Hunters intends to add a modern twist to it and keep the traditions a live and well for the next generation.  Our email was more than answered; we have been given an EXCLUSIVE and incredible FIRST look at what promises to be a tremendously valuable piece of literature coming our way.  We Sincerely Thank LTC Dave Grossman and his co-authors, Linda Miller and Keith Cunningham  ( for their generosity and we will make it our mission to share the importance of America’s Love & Respect for Hunting Traditions in the 21st Century.



Director, Warrior Science Group, Member, American Board for Certification in Homeland Security; Member, American College of Forensic Examiners Institute

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.

Bruce Siddle’s research on predation shows that, according to British records, in India from 1900 to 1910, over a 100,000 people were recorded as killed by tigers. Those are just the ones that were recorded. Imagine what it must have been like a century before that? Or a thousand years, or even 10,000 years before that, when our species must have lived a life of constant predation.

To understand mankind, we must understand that throughout our history we have been in the middle of the food chain. 

We have the gripping fangs and the forward set eyes of a predator, and in our brain we have the neural pathways of a team of cooperative, goal-oriented, and (even, perhaps) self-sacrificing predators. We also have the chisel teeth of a rabbit, and we have the neural pathway of a “blow the ballast” (mess yourself) and run like hell rodent. Finally, we have the grinding molars of a grass eater, and the neural pathway that says, “I don’t have to outrun the predator, I just have to outrun the slowest one in the herd.”

We have these various survival responses built into our bodies, our minds, and our genetics. But which is the most fun? It is no fun to be prey! We are never truly happy when we are prey. It can be argued that we are at our happiest and healthiest when we are the hunter, not the hunted.

Even when we made the switch from hunter-gatherers to agriculture, we continued to be hunters. To this very day we observe this aspect of hunting in rural parts of our society, where modern farmers and ranchers also, and almost universally, have hunting as an important part of their lives and their livelihood.

The history of humanity can be seen as a long struggle to survive, and to claw our way to the top of the food chain. We have within ourselves the capacity to be prey or predator. Thus you can make a good argument that one of the great pathologies of modern times is an abandonment of our predator roots. In some cases this could even be termed an attack on our natural predator aspects with a condemnation of hunting. A healthy mankind will embrace all aspects of our heritage and our genetics.

In the workplace, the goal is to avoid the “rat race” (an intuitive reference to being “prey”) and to embrace the role of the hunting band: a group of comrades working together to secure success in the “corporate jungle” (another intuitive reference). There is even something to be learned in the ethics of the hunter, with the “give it your best shot” and other aspects of hunting ethics transferring to the workplace.

There is much to be learned from the shared experience of hunters who love animals deeply, work hard to protect and improve their habitat and, at the moment of the animal’s death, feel respect and gratitude.


Hunters talk about being bonded to the earth and to the essence of what it means to be human. Why is this? Is it purely intellectual, or is it in our genes? Is the euphoria of the hunt just ordinary excitement of sport or does it release the same brain chemicals that motivated our ancestors to the hunt?

There is, admittedly, a large percentage of modern society who doesn’t see it this way. They are usually not hunters (though most eat meat) and they tend to be completely unaware of the connectedness that hunters feel to their own humanity. Hunters usually see this as, at best, a blind spot, and more often, as a pathology. This division is sometimes seen as a divide between urban and rural, or between educated and not, or civilized and barbaric.

Without using pejorative terms, we can certainly see that there is truly a difference between the modern urbanite who lives primarily by his ability to earn money and the aboriginal tribes who live by the hunt. But is it a superficial difference only?

We are what we were when we were formed. And we (Homo sapiens) were formed in our modern configuration from the very beginning, when we were all hunters. No matter how we socialize ourselves, ‘under the covers’ we are all wired the same way. We were all hunters then, and we are still, whether we see wild animals as our prey or we have other urban-appropriate targets. You can see it in sport, in business and in sexual behavior.

And more than this, you can see it in modern ethics and pathologies which are the result of not having an appropriate outlet for the drive to hunt. Sometimes we see this drive sublimated into more socially acceptable behavior, such as sport or business. Sometimes we see it completely denied, as when hunters are publicly attacked and survival hunters are denied their means of existence. Probably the most wide-spread pathology is the denial of our roots, and the consequent discomfort we feel with our modern lives: “ennui,” a general malaise or uneasiness that results from a lack of engagement with life.

Hunting is for all of us.  Hunting binds us together as friends and as family.  Hunting is what we are designed to do, and passing it on to the next generation is one of the most rewarding things in the hunter’s life.

Whether you already see yourself as a hunter, or you are interested in discovering the human heritage that makes you who you are. If you’re pretty sure this doesn’t apply to you, you may need hunting even more than you know. If you have a deep inner sense of discordance with your modern life, you may find yourself in hunting. Here are your deep roots not touched by the frost. Hunting is how you can be true to those deep roots.  And hunting is where you may find a deep inner peace you have never felt before.


From the forthcoming book ON HUNTING
By: Miller, Cunningham & Grossman
(This book is In development by the authors, with hopes of publishing in 2017)

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