Gear Loadouts

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Join us in sharing Field Notes from the Hunt.  What worked, what didn’t.
What we should have, could have, and didn’t do.

AR Hunters wants to hear what you are doing with your AR Builds, the Calibers your using, recommending, and taking Wild game with.  We will also be sharing our experiences here as well.  In addition we will have a number of Contributor pieces too that help educate us all and fill in the gaps on what the latest AR Hunters want and are seeing in the field. Consider it a both an area for reviews, education, and intelligence gathering.

There is gear… and then there is the right gear.
You might get away with faking it once but when it counts you will wish you had not cut the corner.  Maybe its embarrassing or maybe it is life or death.  Making smart gear choices is important to a good hunt.


Check out what the Custom AR builders at VDC Armory LLC are building.  Custom Hunting Caliber AR Rifles & Pistols, Recreational builds and One of a Kind Build to Order has been their specialty.

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