The AR Hunters of North America have a huge field of Wild Game to choose from! It might be an exclusive and an ONLY in America thing too – cause we are a Free Country like that…. still, for now.
The wide variety of Wild Game is perfectly suited for the “Modern Sporting Rifle” and the wide ranging capabilities of the AR Platform.  Whether it is an AR-15 Chambered in the numerous calibers ranging from the exotic to the sledge hammers. For example calibers like the .17 HMR and the .17WSM all the way up to the .50Beuwolf and the .458SOCOM and dozens of others in between that include hunting calibers that easily meet certain State requirements.  The AR-10 Platforms easily bring the Largest of the North American Big Game into Play.  Everything from .243 to .338 Federal makes for the “Modern Sporting Rifle” platforms one of the most versatile guns of the 21st Century for the Outdoorsmen and Sportsmen & women of North America.  (We currently say North America due to the challenges often in traveling abroad or hunting with Semi-Autos and for sure the AR Platforms)

That said lets look at all the Game Options that could be taken with the AR Platforms and let the Hall of Fame Photos begin!         

-Alligator                                              -Mountain Lion                                      -White Tail Deer

Black tail Deer                                     Coues Deer                                              -Mule Deer

-Antelope                                               Ibex                                                          -Rocky Mountain Goat

Desert Bighorn Sheep                        -Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep         CA Bighorn Sheep

-Barbary Sheep                                   -Dall Sheep                                               -Black Bear

Polar Bear                                             Grizzly Bear                                              Kodiak Bear

-Musk Ox                                              -Buffalo                                                      -Caribou

-Elk                                                         Oryx                                                           -Wolf

-Moose                                                                                                                                            – Needed for AR Game Master


Small Game / Fur Bearers

Turkey                              Javelina                               Rabbit                             Fox                             Raccoon

-Coyote                             Beaver                                 Bobcat                            Ring Tail Cat



-Wild Hog               Prairie Dog               Squirrel            Whistle Pig / Wood Chuck              Jack Rabbit


Get recognized!
AR Hunters will be working towards having a special recognition for avid Hunters who use the AR in pursuit of Wild Game.  Again the variety of Wild Game and the variety of Calibers the AR Platforms utilize truly make it a 21st Century wonder and the “Modern Sporting Rifle” it is today.

AR Hunters will soon have further details on how this recognition will take place and how to submit yourself for the various Categories of AR Hunters we seek to recognize.

Example of where we are leaning:

AR Predator Master:  Wild Hog, Alligator, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Wolf, Coyote, Bob Cat
(Star Device for Grizzly, AK Star Device for Polar or Kodiak)

AR Mountaineer:   Any Bighorn Sheep, Barbary Sheep, Rocky Mountain Goat,
+Dall Sheep or Ibex, +Elk or Caribou

AR Fieldsmen: Wild Hog, White Tail Deer, Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear
+ Any 1 Elk, Caribou, Moose, Buffalo, Musk Ox

AR Harvest Master:  Wild Hog, White Tail Deer or Blacktail Deer, Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear, Elk
(Any 4)  Alligator, Mountain Lion, Wolf, Coyote, Bob Cat
(Any 2)  Any Bighorn Sheep, Barbary Sheep, Rocky Mountain Goat,
(Any 4)  Caribou, Moose, Buffalo, Musk Ox, Dall Sheep, or Ibex,

AR Game Master:  All Animals with the dash (-) identifier.
– Any 3 Sheep
– Ibex can substitute for 1 Goat or Sheep
– Oryx can substitute for Caribou
– A Black Tail or Coues Deer can substitute for Musk Ox

*Wild Game means Free Range and no Farmed, Preserve, Fenced in hunts and that’s why a lot of the many imports are not included.  Do we want to still see photos of them – absolutely and we will figure out how to treat those hunts later.
Ibex, Oryx, and Barbary are included because in several places one can get free range hunts in certain places.