Welcome to the New Age of Traditions

Welcome to AR Hunters! 

AR Hunters is THE Rally Point that showcases the most versatile Modern Hunting Rifle of our time.   AR Hunters is the place to come to and learn about the wildly broad variety of uses the AR Platform delivers in the field as a Game Rifle.  A new age of family traditions has dawned and the 21st Century is witness to a whole new generation of fine field craft, woodsmen & women, and hunters who now carry an AR into the woods.  They are… AR Hunters.

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Contests that go year round and Contests that are short fused.  Pick one, pick ’em all.  The more participations we get the bigger the loot will get.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Highlighting the Wild Game Harvests of AR Hunters.

Learn How you can get posted to the AR Hunters Hall of Fame and show your Trophy.  Many are completely surprised by the number of different Wild Game species AR Hunters take as well as the different Calibers they used in their Harvesting Adventures.

Guns, Gear, & Field Notes - Go Inside the Team Room

Come inside the Team Room to see Reviews, Advice, Gear, and Topics of Interest related to the Needs of the AR Hunters we serve.

Got Game? Need a Recipe for Your Harvest....

Until now the focus has been all about the AR Hunters; their ARs, their Gear, their Accessories, and their Adventures.
Now that they have punched the tag and Got Game in the Freezer… Check out these Recipes for Wild Game.

Wild Game Recipes