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Security Services Provider, Firearms Manufacturer, Law Enforcement Supplies Retailer, Firearms Trainer 

J.J. grew up on a large family Ranch in SW Colorado roaming over 70,000 acres.  The next nearest house was miles away and that was his Grand Parents, beyond them the next nearest was 14 miles away in a town that doesn’t even exist anymore!  There was always rocks to climb, places to adventure, and his first hunt consisted of stalking rock squirrels all summer until he finally killed one with his Daisy BB Gun… His Grand Father offered to help him skin it and recommended getting the hide tanned – and he did.  He spent a lot of time horse back “punching cows” all the while surrounded by beautiful wild wide open spaces of Red Rock Canyons, Mesa Tops occasionally streaked with Blue Dirt (yes really), never ending scrub oak brush trails, Aspen Tree groves and Heavy Timber.  He often ran from place to place during his adventures so he could cover more ground faster and see more.  Then after 7yrs in the United States Army and living, visiting, traveling 20+ Countries he made it home again to CO.  He worked at the HQ of one of the most well known Private Bodyguard Academies in the Nation before serving in various Security assignments that included the 2002 Winter Olympics, Presidential Security Detail for the President and First Family of Haiti, and then creating one to the largest fastest growth Security Firms in Western Colorado.  J.J. is still Specializing in tailored Security Services for Energy Industry Clients, Private High Net Worth Security needs, and Consulting along with being a gear retailer and firearms manufacturer – specializing in AR platforms!  He loves seeing and learning about new ideas and new accessories or configurations that enhance the AR Platform’s functions and accuracy.   Hunting has taken a back seat over the years and its time for a return to his roots of enjoying the wild wide open spaces and the pursuit of healthy meals.  Jokingly, its said he has the Face for Radio so he might be found most often behind the scenes and just enjoying the ride.

  • AR Design Concepts using off the shelf products 85%
  • Hunting Caliber AR-15s & AR-10s 85%
  • Uses Other Modern Technology for Hunts 10%

Kelsy G.

Rocky Mountain Tactical Hunter, Orion Design Group
Hunting is a lifestyle – Man or Beast, Kelsy has hunted or does hunt it.  Kelsy grew up in WY and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t pulling the trigger on some type of Prey.  Other than a four year “vacation” in the United States Marine Corps hunting two-legged creatures, his life has always revolved around pursuing furred and feathered animals, primarily in the Rocky Mountain region.  He began hunting large game with an AR two years ago.  Kelsy found modern methods, gear and guns to be real assets to his pursuit of prey.
Kelsy is a gear and camo designer; Chief Operations Officer at Orion Design Group, tactics and techniques based on a lifelong hunting lifestyle and military background are all a part of Kelsy’s stories.  You’ll be a better hunter for reading & watching.

  • Rocky Mountain Tactical Hunter 99%
  • ODG Camo makes the Hunt more Successful 99%
  • Grocery Stores are for Beer & BBQ Sauce 75%

Nathan S.

An Avid DIY Hunter, Massage Therapist & Healer, Father

Younger Brother to J.J. and growing up the same. Raised with a firm appreciation for all the simple things that county folks learn to love & appreciate while spending hours outdoors on horse or a foot behind a herd of cows drifting up to the summer pastures in the Rocky Mountains. Also spending as much time as possible in the fall outdoors hunting.
Nathan struck out early with an independent streak as he was drawn to the Healing Arts of energy work & massage therapy. The wondering spirit has taken him across a lot of the western US; from winters in the desserts around Tucson AZ to the summers of the wide open Alaska. After training in several states; including Continuing Education in China, with a little bit of luck and his talents he has been able to work in some of the very best destination spas in the county. This has placed him between two very different world views and clarified his love of hunting. Depending on the social group he is in you could hear different reasons for the love of hunting, all with a passionate tone. From “You cannot get any more organic than wild meat.” to “That was the toughest, most challenging hunt I have ever been on. It was a solo, DIY hunt and I loved it!” or “ While hunting my intuition many be at its strongest or at least I am open to it. It is easier for me to listen to it.”
He astutely studies the best odds for good Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Hunts in NM & CO.  This led him to muzzle loading hunts in NM. The first bull elk tag pulled in NM ended with his trophy bull from a unit that doesn’t always grow them to trophy class. The odds have shifted again, now cow elk hunts are the most likely to be drawn. He would rather be hunting a lower quality unit than sitting on the couch. So the cow hunts fit his “The first priority is fill the freezer” attitude. He has taken deer, elk, & pronghorn in CO and NM over his hunting career. The lessor known species he has taken are NM javelina, a NM Ibex, and also chased NM Oryx that ended in tag soup. He continues to apply for tags of species he has not taken in NM and CO.   You can find him with his family in tow often times with his daughter keeping pace with his hunting record (more about her soon) but her first Big Game hunt was at 10yrs old and she took home a NM Oryx!  We expect Nathan to share some great DIY tips for AR Hunters and work a uniquely Chambered AR Caliber.

  • Enjoys a new Adventure and new Hunting Grounds 85%
  • The DIY Nature of the Hunt is a Top Priority 85%
  • Meat First, Horns & Scores Later 70%


DIY Youth Hunter 

Out of the gates and no longer in the stalking shadow of Dad.  This shy young lady is holding her own and has been trekking the backwoods ever since she was big enough to carry her own sleeping bag (that was the test).  Faith landed her first hunt as a 10yr old hunting NM Oryx on the White Sands Missile Range – and she brought one home!  With beginners luck on her side she received all three tags she applied for that first year. Following the Oryx hunt later that fall she filled her Mule Deer tag and her Cow Elk tag. Learning the field craft and responsibilities of ethically hunting for meat she has successfully filled her Cow Elk tag for each of the three years following her amazing start. She jumped into a youth NM Ibex hunt which proved no joy (this time).  She has since practiced shooting at longer distances after that Ibex experience and then taken Elk at a greater distance than needed for the next chance at an Ibex. She has already done more than some get to in a life time of hunting.  This year she will be adding Barbary Sheep and Coues Deer to her hunted list and we may just get to see those results right here on AR Hunters.  If she gets a Coues Deer she will have taken one before her father (that would be the second species) and there might be some role changes in store. With her love of hunting, beating Dad to the punch by bagging an Oryx first, and shooting her .17 HMR in the AR platform she is all smiles about adding a hunting caliber upper to her AR set up and furthering the list of good hunts. 


  • Just an Excuse to Hang with Dad 85%
  • Chocking up Hunts & Harvests BEFORE Dad 75%
  • Meat is better than salad…. 100%

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