Video Contributions Story Line & Format Requirements

Initial Checklist


Check your equipment and quality lists before accepting or attempting to take on an assignment. If your freelancing with out an assignment all equipment/ quality / and other checklists still apply in order to be considered.


All videos and footage must be responsible, ethical hunting practices, kills need to be clean humane kills with one shot when at all possible. Nothing illegal, unethical, inhumane will be considered and any illegal activity may be provided to proper authorities. AR Hunters reserves the right to refuse any and all contributions and we reserve the rights to any footage submitted in part or full. Once Quality, Format, Sound, etc requirements are met – get started.


AR Model/Content Release form MUST be signed, dated, and submitted with EACH submit / contribution.n order to be considered.


The AR Hunters Story Line is expected to be followed. It is very important to our process and concept (may be periodically changed to meet our goals – if you have an extended idea or you are a skilled cinematic videographer email us and lets discuss it) that is the base line guide for all “AR Hunter” contributors *. Understand this video will be edited down to just minutes.



Pre-Hunt Brief:

Introduce yourself, tell your audience this hunt is for AR   Contributors will discuss on Camera the AR platform they will be using for this particular hunt and any outstanding or special accessories / gear they will use. Understanding AR Hunters needs this to be a simple 90 – 180 seconds of edited final quality footage. Contributors need to be mindful of background and location. Please don’t do this in your kitchen while the dog is barking to be let out, not in a dirty garage or basement. Maybe a back yard, maybe a nice lay out in a living room or clean garage with a close up & tight frame. Decent lighting techniques need applied and utilized, quality stable video with good sound is required. Introduction of the Hunter and mention of any Guide & Outfitters used on this hunt. Your regular everyday personality is important – don’t force a persona, don’t go over the top, but don’t be a dead fish either. Be an All American Hunter who just happens to be using an AR Platform or the “Modern Sporting Rifle” You can mention the importance of ethical hunter behaviors, introducing youth, bringing a modern twist to old traditions anywhere along the way that time and opportunity allow.   Examples:

Describe the AR being used: Make, Model, Caliber, Barrel length, and extras or customizations done to it in preparation for this hunt.

Describe the Expected Hunt:

  1. What you are hunting, (species, sub-species).
  2. Where is the hunt: State and or area (Don’t need to give away your honey hole – just the general area).
  3. Who is on the hunt (Shooter with tag, Guide/Outfitter – Give their business name, Cameraman, Others). Describe weather conditions or environmental challenges.

Specialty Gear: If you want to fit a quick note about a piece of specialty gear used on this hunt (Leupold Scope, CorBon Ammo, Night Vision, Suppressor etc.) that will be tested out, reviewed, or used because you really like it – do so. Keep it short and sweet but we still may edit it if it doesn’t fit our profile but it is encouraged.


Stalk & Harvest:

Steady mobile video footage of portions or all of the stalk on the selected game is important and make sure you have a zoom strong enough to get you a good framed footage. Footage when possible needs to include the Hunter and the Harvest all in one single angle and have good visibility & focus the entire time. Footage again must be of clean, humane, ethical harvests. This is about the stalk and hunt though.

Describe the action: Where you are and what you are seeing. Steady camera shot with hunter and prey in frame. Get some close ups of animal before harvest, clean video of kill shot, Clear & clean footage of responsible hunt actions (you are representing an entire community).


After Action Brief:

Clean your animal (remove for a bleed out pool, video the “good” side or clean one side for that purpose), respectfully pose and stage your harvest with the hunter, guide & outfitter included if you can or appropriate, get the harvested animal, and the AR Platform used. Give a 90 and no more than 120 second brief of how the AR & gear your briefed in the Pre-Hunt Brief helped you make this harvest, any particular challenges that where met and overcame, and thank those responsible for helping you take the harvest. Again mention your guide & outfitter to include full company name and website.

Close with : “This is (name) and you just saw another great fair chase hunt for AR”