AR Hunters is THE Rally Point to showcase the most versatile Modern Hunting Rifle of our time. is about sharing ideas, sharing information, and sharing great stories of adventure, expedition, and triumph.  AR Hunters is the bridge between a new age of family traditions blazing forth in the 21st Century and all the things your ancestors have passed forward.  Your contributions help us build this Rally Point into a solid community resource and educational exchange.  Contributions can be Video Content (meeting our standards following the checklists and assignment protocols), Written Articles & Reviews (again following our submission requirements), or other Shareable Information – tell us about your Triumphs in the Field.  Our goal is to grow this into a very large resource others can enjoy and learn from, or be inspired to join the AR Hunters community.

Coming Soon: Video Contributions & AR Hunter Original Footage

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AR Hunters DOES Accept Video Contributions to the website and media – Please READ all details.

From the Field Contributions

Video –  AR Hunters thru the broad reach of the internet will accept video for editing based on a specific “Assignment” type of protocol that will require certain specific camera equipment, video formats, types and nature of footage as well.  The requirements are specific to a format/flow in order to keep the contributions inline with the theme and concept of AR Hunters.   It is NOT restrictive in a way that only “Professionals” can submit footage and all qualifying AR Hunters are encouraged to send us contributions by first reading the protocols.   Currently contributions are on a volunteerism basis (the nice way of saying its currently uncompensated).  We do expect to have some kind of an incentive program that will allow us to work closely with our contributors.

AR Hunters does not want to see 800 videos of Texas Wild Hog Hunts, but rather on an assignment basis we might ask for a Wild Hog Hunt Contribution from FL, TX, and CA, and a White Tail Hunt Contribution from TN, NE, and OK, then maybe an Alligator Contribution from FL, and LA, and a Elk & Mule Deer Combo Hunt Contribution from CO & UT.  You start to see how it goes and we will schedule these specific assignments for editing and post production so they get posted in a managed fashion under our current budget.  If we don’t have an “Assignment” for the type of Hunt you want to Contribute; by all means please reach out to us and tell us what it is that’s on your mind.  Maybe you have a lead on BigFoot in MN or you drew a once in a Lifetime kind of Hunt for Ibex, Oryx, or OK Elk and want to be connected with someone to video the experience kind of thing.

AR Hunters WILL seek to work with semi professional and quality contributors for regular footage as soon as we have vetted work samples and assignment potential in regional footprints.  We also might work with these contacts for original AR Hunter content as well.

We hope to have the Contribution requirements posted very soon followed as quick as we can by an “Assignment” board.

Accepting Written Contributions to the website as Articles &  Reviews. Please READ for details.

Contributors WANTED; To be a Contributor

Articles –  AR Hunters wants well written and articulate articles on all things associated with AR Platforms being used as actual Modern Hunting Rifles and Grocery getters.   If you have an idea, a topic, or something worth sharing; we want to hear about it.

We will soon have an author contribution checklist.  Meanwhile – reach out to us and lets hear what you have in mind.  Currently contributions are on a volunteerism basis (the nice way of saying its currently uncompensated).  If you are a Company, if  you are a blogger or writer and want a place to share and get some exposure then this might be a great place to give it a try.

For starters; Lets see a short to medium sized article well written on a topic related to the theme of AR Hunters.  Basically AR & Gear enthusiasts with a twist towards the backwoods hunter. Do it Yourself related articles are sure to be well received and good helpful experienced recommendations on Ammunition, AR Builds, AR Accessories, and related AR Gear will be popular. Articles should include at least 3-6 or 7 photos.  If written by a company or manufacturer please identify yourself as the producer of that material or product in the name of full disclosure.

Email:  Contact [at]

Lets Go Hunt

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Go Big, Go Long

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Whatever you Hunt… there is a Right Caliber and a Right Build.  Choose one or Many.  The AR Platform can last a life time and change every season.