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AR Hunters is looking for talented contributors.  There is room for authors and writers on various topics and perspectives.  Written Contributions do not all have to be about just the AR Platforms.  Great Outdoors, Hunting, and Field Craft topics are readily accepted.  AR Hunters is interested in topics, tips, or shared experiences that can be of interest & help to our viewers.  Right now we have 3 primary areas that topics are being accepted in; Rifles, Gear, & Field Notes – we expect more topics will get added in time.  We will also add any great recipe you have too.  We require: Great writing, a passion for the outdoors as it applies to our viewership and a dedication to the integrity of Traditions, Hunting, and Useable Outdoors Subjects.

For Contributing Writers

⊕  We would like original content that is not published elsewhere prior to AR Hunters.
⊕  IF you are using previously published material please make sure we know where it was originally posted and we will include that note as a foot note to the contribution.  You must be the original Author with full ownership rights to the content of that article.
⊕  We are asking for articles that are between 350 – 750 words.  Please contact us directly for any Subjects/Topics that would be larger than 750 words prior to submitting them for consideration.

For your original content we will promote your contribution and include your Author Bio with an active and live link to your website, business, or social media link and help you grow viewership for your contributions to our content.  We will recognize you for your skills, talent, and adding to our content.

1.  We reserve the right to edit and alter content & titles to fit the website.
2.  We reserve the right to refuse to publish any submissions.
3.  We reserve the right to remove any contributions at any time after they have been published to and associated outlets.
4.  Original Content published by becomes the Property of and associated outlets for our use.
5.  You may submit and publish it elsewhere as long as you mention it was first published at & the date.
6.  You may request the Article removed at anytime; We reserve the right to refuse but strive to find solutions.

AR Hunters operates under Fair Use definitions.  ( ).  If you do have Copy Righted Material that appears here; please contact us to make the changes or removal of that material.



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